Get More For Your Vehicle At Graham Auctions

How To Get More Money For Your Vehicle

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Selling your vehicle  can be difficult, annoying and in many instances exhausting. You never know who to trust, often you aren’t getting full market value for it because you have some random person you are meeting from Kijiji or a trade-in vehicle appraiser trying to grind you down in price. Have you ever considered selling your vehicle via auction? It is a quick and easy way to sell your vehicle fast. By selling through an auction you are exposing your vehicle to a competitive buying environment. We handle the negotiations based on the price, and vehicle info you provide to us! So here are some things you can do to get the best value for your vehicle at an auction!

Step 1: Service and Maintenance

You’ll want to go through the basic service process on your vehicle before you sell. It goes a long way to do this beforehand to ensure we won’t have to declare any minor issues.

  • Does the car start without needing a boost? A new battery is a cheap fix that will help you add value and show people that the vehicle is in good running condition.
  • Are there any dashboard lights illuminated? Something as simple as a check engine light, or even empty gas tank can diminish value to a potential buyer. 
  • Be sure that the tires in good condition. A cheap option we see often is to get a can of tire shine to make them look new again!

Checking all of these boxes is a great and easy way to be sure your car doesn’t have any minor issues, which in turn will help you get the best value for your car at an auction. It’s all about first impressions with potential buyers. If the person interested in your vehicle grabs the keys from our secure office location, goes to view it and sees that there are lights on indicating an issue, they immediately begin to wonder if there are other issues.

Making sure your dashboard is light free is a big thing. It is usually an easy fix!

Eg.  Something as small a TPMS light can steer a potential buyer away. All this means is Tire pressure monitoring system. They just assume the worst, however this is an easy fix. Any auto parts store in Calgary will have a code reader in store that you can use for free to get those lights cleared or get information on how to fix them.

If you have a hole in your tire, patch kits are widely available and inexpensive. Making sure your tires are in good condition and ensure they are holding air are important factors that will help sell your car fast.

2014 BMW X3 at Graham Auction in Calgary, Alberta

Step 2: Cleanliness

First impressions are everything, same thing goes with cars. People always lean more towards a car with an amazingly clean interior instead of the car with coffee stains all over the center console and fast food wrappers in the back seats. 

Here’s a checklist of things to keep in mind:

  • Wipe the dashboard, center console, mirrors and the rest of the interior to rid of any dust, stains or debris
  • Get rid of any garbage or personal items
  • Vacuum the carpets and seats
  • Buy an air freshener to leave in the vehicle. Studies show that fruit scents are the most popular with buyers.

Step 3: Book-In & Vehicle Declarations

When your car is going through the book-in process, it’s crucial that you are fully transparent and declare all issues with the vehicle. Common problems that you’ll want to provide information on to avoid an unsuccessful vehicle transaction are:

  • Motor Issues 
  • Transmission
  • Address any illuminated engine lights
  • Rear end
  • Out of Province
  • Vehicle Status

During this process, our industry savvy staff members will happily work with you and decide what the best option is to go about processing and selling your vehicle. 

Step 4: Congratulations, you’ve sold your vehicle

With a successful sale of your vehicle, it’s now time to collect your cheque and get paid! Payment through our weekly auctions are ready and waiting for you the following Thursday after the vehicle sale. That’s it!