How to sell your vehicle at Graham Auctions

Sell your vehicle the easy way at Graham Auctions in Calgary, Alberta

We have industry savvy & knowledgeable staff to assist you in pricing your vehicle, but if you’d like some other resources we also offer the Canadian Black Value Book. We run Carfax reports on every vehicle to provide us with the full history of every vehicle in our car & repo lot. This ensures the protection of both the buyer & seller.

How To Get More Money For Your Vehicle

Get More For Your Vehicle At Graham Auctions

Selling your vehicle¬†can be difficult, annoying and in many instances exhausting. You never know who to trust, often you aren’t getting full market value for it because you have some random person you are meeting from Kijiji or a trade-in vehicle appraiser at a used car dealership trying to grind you down in price. Have you ever considered selling your vehicle via auction? It is a quick and easy way to sell your vehicle fast. By selling through an auction you are exposing your vehicle to a competitive buying environment, and we handle the negotiations based on the price, and vehicle info you provide to us! So here are some things you can do to get the best value for your vehicle at an auction!