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Auction Testimonials

Our focus begins with our customers. The dedicated team at Graham Auctions goes through a careful and rigorous process every week to fulfill the needs of our Calgary auction customers.

We set up our warehouse with thousands of products, catalog them for the online auction, book tons of vehicles for the weekly car auction and help hundreds of customers through the post-purchase journey. Why? We know that we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. We are committed to our customers. Your satisfaction is our priority.

The staff at Graham Auctions is like an extension of my family. They always remember me and are unfailingly friendly and helpful. I take every opportunity I can to recommend Graham Auctions to my friends and family.

Maureen M from Calgary

The best auction in Calgary. They are well-organized and carry everything! Fragrances, jewelry, electronics, furniture, food, vehicles, and more. Great people and a family atmosphere.

Charlotte from Calgary

A fantastic place to buy pretty much everything you need or want. What makes the place even better is the staff. A lot of people say this about a lot of places, but this time it’s true. In the end, there is no bull$#!t. If you are not satisfied with something, it gets taken care of. I have been going there for about 12 years and have yet to have an issue. If you have a problem with them, then the problem is probably you.
Brian from Calgary

Graham Auctions has been great. Every item I have purchased has been exactly as described. They ship promptly and answer any and all questions. I highly recommend the team over at Graham Auctions.
Sam from the United States

Voted Calgary’s Best Auction

Graham Auctions is proud to be named the Gold Winner for Calgary’s Favourite Auction House for the 2019-2020 Readers’ Choice Awards presented by Postmedia and the Calgary Herald.

Don’t Take Our Word for it

I have been going to Graham Auctions for about 3 years now. Love auctions, the staff there are always super nice and amazing to deal with. Upper management is very approachable and kind too! Love that there are some deals to be had on lots of stuff – my classroom has been built up for certain things for a fraction of the cost of retail!

Heather G from Calgary

We have been going to Graham Auctions for years now, there is always a deal on something. Excellent fun, it’s a great way to spend on the occasional Saturday, don’t stop doing what you do!
Chuck from Calgary

The de facto auction place in Calgary. They have a well-organized system of handling thousands of auction lots (electronics, furniture, collectibles, basically everything) as well as vehicles, machinery and equipment each and every week. Great people and a tremendous selection of items each week keep me returning here regularly.

Frank from Calgary

I’ve always had a positive experience with Graham Auctions! Friendly, accommodating and helpful staff during pick up… great items to bid on!

– Joelyn P from Calgary

Awesome place. The staff in both the office and the warehouse are all so amazing. They do stand behind your purchase and have compensated us a couple of times for items that didn’t work properly.

– Sarah from Calgary

Great customer service. I bid on auctions all the time from BC and they get my items shipped to me. can bid, transfer my money and have it shipped to me so conveniently. Highly recommend when doing online bidding.

– Jared D from Calgary

Fantastic deals, this auction house is the best place to find deals of everything for your home. I love this place.

– Wayne N from Calgary

New to the auction world? We’re here to help.

Every week, our warehouse sale allows the hundreds of people who bid in our public auctions to find deals you won’t find anywhere else in the city. We get it, the pressure and excitement of our live auctions isn’t for everyone. We made the whole process easier by enabling customers to bid from the comfort of their homes in our online auctions. We want you to get the best deals so you can and leave fully satisfied! To see some of the products we offer in our weekly sales, see what we do.

Many people go through the process of figuring out how to sell a car in Alberta without fully considering the benefits of doing so through a public vehicle auction. With this approach, you’re exposing your vehicle to a competitive buying environment with a pricing model based on Canadian Black Book Value. It’s also one of the fastest ways to sell your used car, plus you get someone else to handle the hassle of negotiating. We have hundreds of vehicles for sale every week, so it’s also a fantastic opportunity to buy a car! Many happy customers and car dealers have been associated with our auto auction for years!

More Customer Testimonials from our Calgary Auctions

Best place to spend a rainy day, bid on items you need or want and get a bargain. At the end of the day, you leave feeling happy, like you had fun and knowing you’ll return. You want to tell your friends about the great bargains you got, but you’re a bit hesitant in case they go the auction and outbid you! Great great fun.
– Deanna from Calgary

Love this place. You can look online and bid or you can show up and bid in person! Love this place! I save TONS of money! Check it out! You won’t regret it!
Amanda from Calgary

Super friendly people and very helpful too! I’ve been to lots of different auctions over the years and can say these guys are well organized and know how to run an auction. Really enjoyable auction experience.
Nathan from Calgary

Awesome place to spend the day, have some fun and meet new people. Staff is great, always crackin jokes. I’ve never left with a frown on my face.

– Shawn from Calgary

This auction is one of the best I have been to. The staff are great and very helpful. Keep up the great work I’ll always be back

– Adnan from Calgary

These guys are as honest as the word sounds. Thanks, Graham Auctions for making the world a better place.

–Obinwanne C from Calgary

I got some great deals on some things in the online auction that I’d have had to pay a lot more for in the store! The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend them.

– Katy from Calgary

I came in to the auction at the end of the day for a pickup, and while I could tell it was frowned on to come in so late, everyone at the front desk and in the yard was extremely professional and friendly. I have not had a negative experience here yet.
Stephen P from Calgary

Super friendly people and very helpful too! I’ve been to lots of different auctions over the years and can say these guys are well organized and know how to run an auction. Really enjoyable auction experience.
Nathan from Calgary

Great auction for merchandise, vehicles and equipment. Nice people to do business with.

–Bob from Calgary

I have been going to this auction for years! Graham Auctions is refreshing as all their auctioneers are very honest about the product you buy. The staff has ALWAYS been friendly!

– Katherine B from Calgary

A good place to find great deals in Calgary. You don’t always get what you came for.. but that’s an auction for you!

– Gordon C from Calgary

This place is the best auction in town! Bring some room in your trunk and some cash…you are gonna need both!

– Steven S from Calgary

Great place to buy a car. Friendly and cooperative staff.

– Rana from Calgary

First time at a public auction. And I bought my first car!! Loved it. It was super exciting! We will be back for sure.

– Christel from Calgary

One of the best auctions in the Calgary area.

– Matt A

I love Graham Auctions. Great service!

– Jacquie from Calgary

I am a first time customer, and I am impressed.

– Keri from Calgary

Very wonderful facility! The owners showed me around and were very nice. I would definitely recommend!

– Cort from Calgary

Excellent group of people working there, very fair and helpful. I would definitely recommend it.

– Tim D from Calgary

Outstanding Manager! Gave me all the clues I needed and it made my search/bid very fun.

– Joy from Calgary

Great place to get a deal (but know your prices before you bid). The staff here are all so pleasant, helpful and friendly.

– Patricia from Calgary

Great staff at the front desk. Always friendly. They also have very helpful and friendly staff in the warehouse when picking up auction purchases.

– Christine M from Calgary

Addicted to this place.

– Lea-Anne W from Calgary

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If you’re new to public auctions in Calgary, we would love to have you out to help you learn how things work! Our staff members would be happy to help you for as long as you need. If you’re all set – Find the “Bid Now!” button to access the auction catalogue. Looking for more information? Please see our customer care resource.

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